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Rabbi Shanee B. Michaelson, 

Religious School Director

(702) 804-1333 ext. 104

​​Our Mission

To provide each student with a Jewish education that will enable them to experience the inspiration of Jewish Living, and guide them towards maturity as religious, integrated personalities, rooted in their faith. Specifically, our mission is threefold: Lifelong love of Judaism and identity as Jews; Hebrew language skills; and an understanding of Jewish holidays and traditions.

​​Our Program

Is designed to integrate various aspects of Judaism and Hebrew through the different grade levels. We start our program with children as young as five years old, since we strongly believe that children at this age are prepared to start their journey of Jewish learning and exploration. As the grade levels advance, the exploration becomes deeper and the students are becoming familiar with the daily and weekly Jewish practices. Our Hebrew program is designed to provide our students with the ability to comprehend and appreciate the language in which we pray.​

​​Our Teachers

​Among the top Jewish educators in Las Vegas, their achievements with our students have been a source of pride for our school. Their knowledge and creativity is a winning duo in creating a thorough but fun learning experience for our students.

​​Our School

Your child will belong to a community of learners and doers. Our students are encouraged to reach their potential, and at the same time, enjoy the Jewish social environment. As a beacon of Jewish and Hebrew education in Las Vegas, it is our honor and duty to facilitate it with the very best curriculum and faculty.

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