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"When kids go on this March, they understand who they are, where they came from, what our people have lived for, what they have died for, and what they have to be alive for. They understand what Israel is ... and, why Israel is there."
                                                                                                         - Rabbi Felipe Goodman


For photos of past trips, testimonials, and contact information, visit:


Please direct any inquiry to:

Marcia Tatz Wollner, MA, MSW Director, Western Region March of the Living



Andrea Gordon

Sandy Mallin

Marci Murdock

Sydney Murdock

Heidi Straus


Shelley Berkley

Arlene Blut

Lizzie Fuchs

Debbie Warner



Sharon Adashek

Caryl Berg z’l

Shirley Chaplin z’l

Suriva Fisher

Abbie Friedman

Emily Goodman

Deborah Havre

Carol Jeffries z’l

Fran Levien z’l

Louis Levin

Judy Mack z’l

Randi Matushevitz

Kim Memar

Dr. Albert Merkin z’l

Ellen Merkin

Eunice Merkin z’l

Debbie Miner

Jessica Pianko

Marci Seltzer z’l

Mona Silverman z’l

Elaine Steinberg

Lara Stone



Rabbi Felipe Goodman



Freddie Glusman, Piero’s



Judy Forman

The Audrey Merkin March of the Living Scholarship Fund was conceived at the Shiva meal 18 years ago, following the funeral of TBS board member and dear friend, Audrey.


Shirley Chaplin, Carol Jeffries, and then Temple President, Sandy Mallin wanted to honor Audrey’s memory with a scholarship fund to send Las Vegas teens on the life-changing experience of the March of The Living. Our teens travel with thousands of fellow students from countries all over the world to bear witness to the devastating atrocities of the Holocaust and then travel to Israel to celebrate the miracle of our homeland, Israel.


Our principal patron, Freddie Glusman, owner of Las Vegas landmark restaurant, Piero's, has generously underwritten our fundraising luncheon since the first year. The Women’s League of TBS and Jewish Nevada have been supporters, along with

Las Vegas community members, enabling over 120 teens to share this experience.


In 2023, new leaders, Andrea Gordon, Marci Murdock, Sydney Murdock, and Heidi Straus stepped up to expand this fund and increase participation in our community.


March of the Living Nevada is on the move! Join us!


Thank you,



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