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One of the most important things that we do as a community is support The State of Israel with a single voice. There are many ways in which we make our voice heard when it comes to Israel.  Whether we do it by visiting Israel on one of our congregational missions, sending our youth on programs like The March of The Living, USY Pilgrimage and Native or by simply attending Pro-Israel events like The AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC;  Israel remains part of our Synagogue's mission and vision.

We strongly believe that the impact that visiting Israel can have on us and our children, leaves an ever present and tremendously important imprint in our Jewish Identity.


JOIN US... Become an active advocate for Israel!  Your support is not only important to our brothers and sisters that live in our Jewish Homeland, your support of Israel is extremely important to you and your children. 

Rabbi Felipe Goodman at  AIPAC Conference in Washington, DC.

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