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Security Capital Fund

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In an ever-evolving world, the safety and security of our community at Temple Beth Sholom have never been more paramount. It is with this understanding and commitment to our shared well-being that we proudly introduce the Security Capital Fund. This restricted income fund is a testament to our steadfast commitment to maintaining a secure, dynamic environment across our entire campus, ensuring a sanctuary of peace, safety, and spiritual growth for every member, visitor, and child at Temple Beth Sholom and The Sandra and Stanley Mallin Early Childhood Center.

Your generous contribution will empower us to undertake essential security enhancements, including the installation of advanced surveillance systems, fortified entry points, and state-of-the-art communication tools for emergency response. Each project funded is a step forward in our unwavering dedication to a secure environment, allowing us to focus on what truly matters - our community, our faith, and our future together. Join us in this vital initiative, ensuring that Temple Beth Sholom remains a beacon of safety and security in our community.


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