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Dear Religious School Parents, 


The Judy and Ronald Mack School for Religious studies is committed to ensuring that our students are always safe, comfortable, and excited to learn when they arrive on our campus. Typically, we have provided water and a small snack (usually pretzels and sliced apples) for our students to enjoy when they first arrive on Monday nights, because we understand that children enjoy a bit of nosh when they learn. Additionally, we host a snack cart where students can purchase items benefit our school budget.


However, lately is has become apparent that our children are making light of the snack privileges we have provided. For the past several months, students have left food-bits, trash, and puddles of water on the tables and floor in the Multi-purpose room where we have held Torah study. Besides being unsightly, the puddles are a slip hazard, and leaving unnecessary trash for our staff and cleaning crew contradicts the ethics and standards of Jewish traditions mandating we treat workers with respect and dignity.


Even after we have notified students, the trash and mess has continued to be a problem. With that being said, our religious school is taking a brief hiatus from providing snacks for students on Monday February 14th. Please ensure your child has eaten before attending religious school on Monday night. Our staff will do our best to accommodate the specific needs of students; if you have a dietary concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


It is our goal to reinstate the snack privilege on our Monday night program on February 28th. However, if this continues to be an issue we will suspend snacks until further notice. Please partner with us in teaching our students to be respectful, safe, responsible while attending religious school.



Rabbi Jonathan Hodson

Director of the Judy and Ronald Mack School for Religious Studies

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