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Information below was sent to Rabbi Felipe Goodman from 

The goal of this program is to give families with Jewish ancestry easy access to information and genetic counseling and the ability to test conveniently from home on saliva samples.


Who should get screened?
Anyone with one or more Jewish grandparents, both members of an interfaith couple and anyone planning to have children or expand their families.


How does JScreen work?
Screening is done on a saliva sample that you collect in the privacy of your own home and ship to the testing laboratory. Genetic testing is done on DNA from the saliva sample.  If you’re identified as a carrier for any of the diseases, you will participate in a follow-up telephone counseling session with a genetic counselor or other health-care provider.


How much does genetic testing with JScreen cost?

With private health insurance, the cost is $149. JGift: A Present for the Future! This makes a great wedding, engagement or “just because” gift that shows you care.  You may purchase a JGift for $149 and covers the program fee for one individual.


Check it out at and impact the health of future generations.

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