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Our Approach to Choosing Judaism

For over seventy years, Temple Beth Sholom has been a mainstay of the Jewish Community of Las Vegas.  As the oldest Synagogue in Southern Nevada and as a Conservative Congregation, we pride ourselves in having utmost respect for the Jewish Tradition. At the same time as Conservative Jews we are blossoming with new ideas and constantly evolving within the bounds of our heritage. We strive to find relevance in time honored practices and beliefs and make them Holy and new again!   Our Introduction To Judaism class has inspired and empowered hundreds of Jews and prospective Jews By Choice who seek a spiritual home in our congregation and in the Jewish community.

Our dynamic course (Thursdays) explores history, practice, culture, texts, and values and is designed for all who seek to live a richer Jewish life, including those contemplating conversion.   The course is a year long.  The class meets weekly for two hours and one of the two hours is devoted to the instruction of Hebrew at a very introductory level.

The class is open to all!  However, please make an appointment with me prior to attending class. If you are contemplating conversion to Judaism, it is extremely important that you schedule an appointment to meet with me as soon as possible.  I want to make sure that our stream of Judaism and our Synagogue Community will be a good fit for you.  Please know that you will be treated with absolute respect and that my intention is never to send anyone away.  I deeply believe in making Judaism accessible to all who seek to join us. At the same time I am committed to ensuring that this process is taken seriously by all who are actively seeking to become part of the Jewish People.

At Temple Beth Sholom we believe that Judaism has the power to transform lives, offer meaning, create community, and maybe even help save the world. We invite you to join us for an in-depth introduction to a 3000 year old tradition, which will open your mind, your soul and your heart!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions…  



Rabbi Felipe Goodman


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